About Us

What are we looking to achieve

Verona Design is a brand that emphasizes on team effort and the behind the scenes aspect that make each individual rider unique. At Verona Design we want to inspire each equestrian not only with maximum performance capability but also confidence and whole hearted positivity to each and every member of the equestrian team.


What we mean by that is each and every riders story being told and creating a positive ripple effect throughout our industry and those around us. Our goal is to help every professional and amateur brand who they are and what their team means to them. We aren't just giving a unique look but instead telling a story, one that will brand each rider and give them the best advantage.

 Why we have an advantage

Our team here within Verona Design is special because we have researched exemplary pieces and parts that design each system of horse and rider to not only look the best but really and truly work the best and achieve the best value for ones pocket. We have stayed in front of the drawing board in order to rebuild and redesign the best quality tack pieces to achieve maximum performance within you, your horse, and your team. We truly believe when you look  your best you feel your best and expanded cognitive ability and mental strength is a large part of achieving greatness in our sport. 

How did it start  

As our team Traveled Europe, understanding its cities, riding horses and gaining experience. We found ourselves within a town called Verona, Italy. A town so magical and beautiful the energy would sweep you away. It inspired us to create something more for each rider, each and every experience, pushing the limits to achieve greatness. It led us to travel by train researching and viewing manufactures all over Italy and eventually the united States. What we found were partners who had the same ideas as us, to push the limits of equality within each system piece. More beautiful, longer lasting, faster retrieval time, better design output, durability, newer materials and together we have created newer innovative designs that will turn the page of your career. 

What we offer

Verona has partnered with exceptional brands to bring a handcrafted unique level of quality and creativity to various teams, designing a distinctive look and functionality. Helping each rider design their look to the best of their imagination through high end design tools and applications. Creating a user-friendly experience that is more than equipment but in fact a journey to assist riders.