Brand Yourself with Verona Designs Products

Design and build your teams best look by customizing your riding gear!

Verona designs imports the finest fabric from Italy and step by step creates a one of a kind look based on your desires. Our team will even design a logo for you. When you finalize your pattern. We then send these designs to be made by hand in a family owned factory with work with in South Florida, where they are made to perfection. 

Our bonnets are made by hand in south Florida and sewed by young equestrians within our sport. We are a small business supporting other small businesses. The process of these products go through many designers and creators before being given back to you, all which are made by hand.

We offer a variety of embroidery options; shirts, belts, saddle pads, bonnets, hats, tendon boots, blankets and more!

Our team will take the time to review with you each and every design based on your story and horses. We are equestrians helping equestrians.

We are constantly coming up with new designs and products for our riders to enjoy! 


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